Cataracts care in Rockledge

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A cataract is an eye condition that causes the natural eye lens to become cloudy. This happens when protein builds up on the lens of the eye and creates clumps. When the lens is clear, light passes through to the retina which enables clear vision. Since cataracts block light going to the retina, they decrease vision. Cataracts care in Rockledge will be necessary.

Cataracts care in Rockledge 

A person with cataracts is unable see images clearly, especially at night. As the condition gets worse, it makes normal everyday activities such as reading and driving difficult to do.  Signs and symptoms include of cataracts are: blurry, cloudy vision, double vision, difficulty identifying colors, increased nearsightedness, and sudden changes in prescriptions and seeing halos around lights when in the dark. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment for an eye exam with our expert optometrist at Suburban Eye Associates to be evaluated and to receive cataracts care in Rockledge.  Cataracts can develop for many reasons. The most common is simply the normal aging process. Other common causes of cataracts are: Diabetes (diabetics are 60 percent more likely to get cataracts), Traumatic Cataract-cataracts caused by trauma (ocular trauma, chemical burns, electric shock, or ionizing radiation), metabolic problems, infections, genetics (inherited), and inflammation and drug reactions. No matter what the cause, they are treatable and need to be treated. The treatment for cataracts depends of the extent of vision loss and interference with daily life activities. Surgery is a very common treatment since it’s the only way to remove the cataracts. However, it is not performed until it is necessary. Until then, cataracts can be managed in other ways. Some possible ways to manage cataracts include: stronger eyeglass or contact lenses, strong lighting, magnifying glasses while reading, and medication that dilates the pupil.  

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