Eye Exam in Rockledge

Eye Exam in Rockledge

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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Rockledge

It’s essential to get a yearly comprehensive eye exam in Rockledge. Comprehensive eye exams involve several different tests that together provide your eye doctor with a complete picture of the eye and vision health. This enables a professional eye doctor like ours at Suburban Eye Associates to diagnose and treat vision problems, eye diseases and eye conditions early.

The comprehensive eye exam in Rockledge is an invaluable tool that allows a professional eye doctor like ours at Suburban Eye Associates to catch serious eye diseases and conditions early which will allow for early treatment. Early treatment is the key to stopping conditions from developing into worse ones. Early diagnosis and treatment helps provide patients with better treatment options and better potential outcomes. The eye doctor performs a series of tests during the comprehensive eye examination. These include: slit lamp, refraction assessment, visual acuity test, indirect ophthalmoscopy and tonometry. The slit lamp test uses a tool that provides the eye doctor with a 3-D magnified view of the front parts of the eyes. It also provides a view of the structures of the eye, including: the retina, the optic nerve and the drainage angle. Its purpose is to detect eye problems early and to guide treatment if any are found. It can help detect cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and macular degeneration. A refraction assessment checks for refraction errors like farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. This test determines what corrective eyewear prescription a patient would need. A visual acuity test is used to determine the smallest letters one can read on an eye chart from 20 feet away compared to the majority of people. 20/20 vision is considered excellent vision. During the Indirect ophthalmoscopy test, the eye doctor utilizes a special instrument in order to examine the interior of the eye for the purpose of diagnosing retinal tears, holes and detachments. Tonometry is used to check the intraocular pressure & to detect if glaucoma is present.

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