Eye exam North Philadelphia

Eye Exam North Philadelphia

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Eye doctor in North Philadelphia

Our eye exam North Philadelphia will assure you of optimal vision and proactively allow our eye doctor to diagnose any signs of common eye disease while it is still early enough to treat it effectively. But there is another benefit you get from your annual visits to us at Suburban Eye Associates: your eyes provide valuable clues to non-ocular health issues, including diabetes and high cholesterol.

There is no reason to have vision that is any less than you are capable of achieving with the right prescription lenses. Just seeing okay is not good enough, or at least it shouldn’t be. Your vision needs change, and your eyeglasses or contacts need to change with them. That means that if you’ve never needed corrective eyewear before, you might discover from our eye exam North Philadelphia that you should be taking advantage of them now. Or your existing prescription may require an update. Your eye health is another component of our eye exam North Philadelphia. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy are all common conditions that share one alarming aspect among them. They have no noticeable symptoms until they reach an advanced stage. Because of this, without an annual screening, you are putting yourself at risk for damage to your eyes for vision loss, both of which could be irreversible. Eye disease is not necessarily curable, but it can be managed effectively, and you can retain maximum vision for longer by having it diagnosed early on. In addition, the signs of diabetes and high cholesterol that are revealed in your retinas give you the chance to follow-up with your primary care doctor so that you do not suffer undue consequences.

With all of the above to convince you, we’re sure you are ready now to schedule your visit to our office. Please call us now to arrange a convenient time to come in.

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