Eye surgery in Rockledge

Eye Surgery in Rockledge

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You may be wondering if all the great things you’ve heard about LASIK are true, and here at Suburban Eye Associates, we can assure you that this revolutionary surgery done with lasers provides typically outstanding results, with a rate of success of over 90%. You can count on it done expertly here, by our experienced eye surgeon.

What LASIK represents, more than anything else, is freedom. It means the independence to enjoy greatly improved vision either free of eyeglasses or contacts entirely, or with minimal reliance on them. And that’s an exciting prospect. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are all correctable with our eye surgery in Rockledge. The procedure is about reshaping your corneas, so that they direct light evenly at or close to the center of your retinas. The reason you have refractive errors and less than optimal vision is due to the shape of your corneas. Our eye surgery in Rockledge is performed under local anesthesia in the form of eye drops. A small flap of your corneal tissue is opened up, and the laser then reshapes the cornea. The flap is then put back and is self sealing. There are not stitches or bandages. The entire thing only takes a few minutes per eye. Improved vision should become evident by the day after surgery, or maybe even sooner than that. And as your vision needs change later on, you can get adjustments to LASIK even years later to account for them. Side-effects are rare, but include dry eyes, sensitivity to glare, and halos appearing around images.

Are you ready to change your vision for the better? Reach out to our office and book a consultation and examination right now to find out if you’re a good candidate for our eye surgery in Rockledge and to get your questions answered.

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