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Cornea complications in Rockledge

Ophthalmology office Rockledge
Ophthalmology office Rockledge

Your cornea is at the front of your eye. It serves a vital role in your vision, so it should be obvious that when it is not operating at its full capacity or is compromised by disease or some other condition, you need to have the situation handled in a timely manner. At Suburban Eye Associates, we’re the place to go for that kind of help. Our ophthalmology office Rockledge provides superior medical eye care and we take the needs of you, our valued patient, with the utmost of seriousness.

How do you know if something is wrong with your cornea? In some cases, you may not realize it at all; at least not until the problem has become advanced. Fortunately, as part of a routine eye exam, which everyone should have once per year, you will be diagnosed by our ophthalmology office Rockledge. However, if you experience on or more of the following signs, it may indicate that you have a corneal concern that should be checked as soon as possible: scratchiness in your eyes, a burning or stinging sensation, excessive tears followed by excessive dryness, eye discharge, blurry vision, or a feeling of heaviness in your eyelids. Among the corneal complications that you can have addressed at our ophthalmology office Rockledge are the effects of eye allergies; keratitis, an infection of the cornea that can be related to the wearing of contact lenses; corneal disease; and even ocular herpes. Our eye doctor will do a complete examination and reach a diagnosis so that the proper assessment for treatment can be made. Options will be discussed, but can range from as simple as eye drops all the way up to surgery, depending on the condition and how serious it is.

For expert care of your corneal difficulties, reach out to make an appointment with our ophthalmology office Rockledge.

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