Rockledge PA eye doctor

Rockledge PA Eye Doctor

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Cataracts eye care in Rockledge PA

Rockledge PA eye doctor
Rockledge PA eye doctor

Cataracts is an eye disease that clouds and blurs your vision. Progressing steadily, it can eventually lead to you losing enough vision that not even prescription lenses can effectively counter its effects. Here at Suburban Eye Associates, you can take advantage of our cataracts eye care to experience the best possible vision you can have, even with the onset of cataracts.

In its early stages, you may not realize that cataracts are building up. They consist of proteins that form on the outside of your natural eye lenses. At some point, you will be diagnosed by our Rockledge PA eye doctor, either because of symptoms that you begin noticing or in the course of a routine yearly eye exam, which is recommended once per year. When you first become affected by cataracts, our Rockledge PA eye doctor will fit you with the appropriate eyeglasses or contact lenses to allow you to see better in spite of your eye disease. Over time, you will need periodic updates to your prescription to account for further buildup of proteins. For many patients, though, corrective lenses will ultimately become insufficient. When that happens, cataracts surgery is the solution. It’s safe and effective. What happens is that since there is no way to remove cataracts from your eye lenses, the lenses themselves need to be taken out. There will be no more cloudy or blurry vision after that. But since your eye lenses are responsible for focusing, you will get intraocular lens implants put in to replace them. These multifocal prosthetics will restore your vision at all distances, so you will have a degree of eyesight that you had long since given up on achieving.

Schedule an appointment with our Rockledge PA eye doctor for a yearly eye exam or to manage your existing cataracts.

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